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Unfortunately, the frustration of evicting a problem tenant may not always end at successfully attaining a judgment of eviction from the Justice of The Peace Court. Tenants may challenge a court's judgment by filing an eviction appeal.

Through Texas Eviction’s Eviction Appeals service, you can rest assured your property will be back in your hands in no time with less stress and hassle. Let our experienced eviction experts navigate the complicated eviction appeals process for you. We’ll handle all the documents needed to succeed against your problem tenant and we’ll send a knowledgeable eviction attorney to represent you in court, ensuring that your tenants are rightfully evicted.

Eviction Appeal Process in Texas

Under Texas eviction laws, tenants may file an appeal with the County Court at Law to overturn or dispute an eviction judgment. If a tenant files for an eviction appeal and a hearing is granted, landlords (or their representatives) must appear in court and start what is basically a frustrating complete do-over of the entire eviction case.

Why Hire Texas Eviction Experts?

The eviction appeal process in Texas can be stressful not to mention, a lack of knowledge about what is needed in court may cause you to altogether lose the eviction case (even after you have previously been granted a judgment for possession).

The longer your eviction appeal case drags on, the more time, money, and peace of mind you’re missing out on. Don’t let your problem tenant overturn the lawful eviction judgment you’ve fought for. We are equipped with the proper knowledge and experience to help you fight eviction appeals successfully.

Let our eviction experts handle eviction appeals for you. Call us at (713) 701-1355 or click here request our eviction appeal service today.

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An eviction appeal is a serious legal matter. Hire the Texas eviction experts to handle your case and get you the results you deserve.

Texas Eviction handled my appeal case and got our tenant out sooner than we thought possible. We will definitely be using you again!

-Liz B., Property Manager

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