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Looking to evict a tenant in Galveston, TX?

Our team of eviction experts can help you with the following services:

  • Send An Eviction Notice in Galveston, TX? Our team will send Texas Property Code compliant eviction notices to your Galveston tenant within 24 Hours.
  • Evict A Tenant In Galveston, TX? We offer turnkey eviction services in Galveston, TX. Our eviction experts will file an eviction suit in court and act on your behalf at the eviction hearing.
  • Execute A Writ of Possession in Galveston, TX? We work with the Constable’s Office in Galveston to help you regain control of your property.
  • File An Eviction Appeal in Galveston, TX? If your tenant in Galveston files an eviction appeal after an eviction case, our team can help you win the case fast and without the hassle of you having to go through the eviction case all over again.

Areas We Serve In Galveston, TX

Texas Eviction helps landlords and property managers evict problem tenants in the following cities in Galveston, TX:

Bayou Vista Clear Lake Shores Dickinson
Friendswood Galveston Hitchcock
Jamaica Beach Kemah La Marque
League City Santa Fe Texas City

Eviction Costs in Galveston County

Filing Type Court Cost
Eviction (1 tenant) $116
Additional Tenants $75 each
Writ of Possession $205
Abstract of Judgment $30

Learn more about evictions in Galveston County at the Galveston County Justice of the Peace website.

About Galveston County

Situated on the coast, the county of Galveston is home to the University of Texas Medical Branch and Texas A&M University. Galveston has the second largest historic preservation group in the nation and hosts six historical districts featuring picturesque 19th century homes. The county thrives on tourism, health care, shipping, and financial industries, attracting tenants from all over the country.

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My tenant stopped paying and communicating with me. After hiring Texas Eviction, they quickly got back in touch and paid their back rent.

-Monique A., Galveston Home Owner

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