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So You Won Your Eviction Case, Now What?

Sometimes the hassle of evicting a tenant doesn't end at court. Just because you won your eviction case doesn't mean that your tenant is going to immediately vacate your property. Don't worry, we can help with your writ of possession in Texas.

Often times this phase of evicting a tenant can be the most demanding, both physically and emotionally. Tenants may be reluctant to leave peacefully even after they have lost their eviction case.

We get your property back

Once a judge has granted you a writ of possession in Texas, we can coordinate with the constable’s office to remove your tenant and all of their belongings from your property.

We will schedule the removal of your tenant with the local Constable office and will act as your on-site representative to meet the Constable on the day of the eviction.

We’ll also change the locks on your front and back doors, and will set up a lockbox for your new keys to ensure your evicted tenant can’t break into the property. We’ll also take pictures to document the process and the condition of your property.

Don’t let the stress of removing a problem tenant from your property get you down. Let our eviction experts help you regain control of your property.

With thousands of eviction cases successfully handled across the Greater Houston area, we have the knowledge and expertise you’ll need to get your property back fast without any additional hassle.

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Get your property back! We will work with the Constable's office to clear your residence so that you can regain control.

As an out-of-state landlord, it is hard for me to coordinate the logistics of an eviction. Texas Eviction made it easy and they handled everything in a very professional manner.

-Karen K., Homeowner

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