Frequently Asked Questions

Eviction Process

Technically, yes, but the Texas Property Code is complex. There are many mistakes that could be made that will cause delays and could cause you to lose your case. You should hire an eviction company with years of experience that knows exactly how to win quickly and without mistakes. We will bring this experience to work for you.

Probably, but unless you are familiar with the Texas Property Code, you won’t know if the notice you find is good, or defective until you're in court and win, or lose your case. A bad notice, or one that is delivered in an incorrect way will cost you or the owner of the property thousands of dollars in lost rental income and additional fees. Don't gamble with your eviction notice.

You should not deliver the eviction notice unless you have read and completely understand the Texas Property Code. The Property Code was written by lawyers and it can be difficult to understand, resulting in owners losing eviction cases when they improperly deliver notices.

If you hire us before you send out the eviction notice, no. If you hire us after it is sent, possibly. You will definitely need to attend if you personally hand delivered the notice to vacate. To minimize your involvement it is best to hire us from the very beginning so that we can correctly manage the entire process for you.

Yes. It is your property. If we are handling your case, you will have the option, but in most cases you will not be obligated to attend the justice court hearing if we are managing your case.

Yes, but we strongly suggest that you leave that to us. If you call the court, you could mistakenly reset a court date or cause confusion among the court staff. Such confusion can cause delays. In almost every large county in Texas, justice court cases can be monitored online. We recommend you use that or email us your questions.

After you sign up with us, there is nothing you can do to move your case faster. There are inherent delays associated with the legal process. One of the main reasons to hire us is that we have experience minimizing delays.

No. Only a licensed Texas attorney can represent the legal rights of another person or business entity in the county courts at law.

If this happens, we may be able to act as your agent for an additional fee so you do not have to attend the appeal hearing.

We can also refer you to an experienced attorney that can assist you further with the matter.

We can refer you to a reputable attorney experienced in eviction hearings. With your permission, we will forward your case for the attorney's review and get you in contact with them to discuss their fees.

As an additional service and fee we can also appear as your agent in the County Court at Law to save you the time, money, and travel headaches of having to appear yourself.

Eviction Pricing

This depends on a few factors and each eviction case will be different.

Click here and select our Complete Eviction Service to find out exactly how much it will cost to evict your tenant(s).

Also, here are some of the factors to take into consideration when trying to estimate the cost of your eviction:

  1. Court costs - All eviction cases will have court costs that will be dictated by the county. Additionally, you will want to include all tenants that signed the lease, or that were part of the verbal agreement and the county also has an additional service fee for each additional person.
  2. Service fees - If you hire someone to manage your eviction for you, there will be an associated fee. Our fee is a flat rate of $349, which includes the eviction notice.
  3. Lost rent income - In many eviction cases, the biggest cost is the lost income from the tenant not paying their rent.
  4. Downtime - In most cases, this cost only occurs if an owner attempts to manage an eviction themselves. This is the cost of missed work and the hassle associated with managing an eviction case.

Unfortunately, no. There are many hidden traps in the Texas Property Code that pose dangers and expose you to losing at court. In order for us to guarantee results, we need to follow our proven process which includes sending the eviction notice. If you have already sent a notice and wish to proceed with us, we will simply resend our notice to ensure that it was sent correctly.

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We begin work immediately after you checkout so that you can get your property back as soon as possible. If your tenant pays you in full after you hire us, we may be able to give you a partial refund. The refund amount will be determined by how far along we are in the process. If we have already filed the eviction suit with the county, we can no longer offer a refund, as we have performed considerable work and have already paid the included court costs to the county.

Once we have filed the suit with the county court, we cannot offer a refund. There is considerable work leading up to filing the eviction suit in court and once filed, all court cost have been paid. Additionally, we encourage every landlord to follow through with eviction proceedings even if the tenant moves in order to obtain a judgment for the lost rent. Doing this also allows for the eviction to go on the tenant's record and may help other landlords in the future.

Getting Started

That's a personal decision, but we recommend sending them an eviction notice. If your tenant plans to make the payment, they still will. And if they don't, you have simply started the clock on a potentially long legal battle.

Hire us immediately and start the eviction process. The eviction process can be long and time consuming. It's important to start as soon as your tenant’s rent is late. The worst thing that could happen is for your to lose your property because someone else is irresponsible. The faster we can get your tenant out, the faster you can get a new tenant in there that will pay you.

You can hire us at any time. In order to ensure that your notice is properly created and delivered, we will resend it using our standards. This will allow us to offer you our guarantee that your eviction was done properly and will be won at court.

No. As the owner’s property manager, you have authority to hire third parties to assist you with the property. We are no different than any other contractor (e.g. your landscaper).

If they exist, we need a copy of all lease agreements, all notices to vacate, and all demands to pay rent. It is also helpful to have an account ledger if one exists.

The basic information includes the full names of all owners of the property, full names of all tenants named on the lease or occupants, the amount of rent due, and the date your tenant breached the rental or lease agreement.

The answer depends on why we are evicting your tenant. It is different depending on whether they failed to pay rent or held over through a foreclosure.

Our Company

We have successfully evicted thousands of problem tenants in Texas over the past 10 years.

We are very experienced in matters concerning the Texas Property Code and are proud to serve our landlord clients in the Houston Area.

Being landlords ourselves, we completely understand your situation and are motivated to get your property back fast. We work as hard to protect your interests as you would. That is our promise to you.

One of our trained eviction experts will attend and represent your interests in court.

Our experts are not lawyers, but are able to represent you at the justice court level under Texas law.

Sending an experienced non-lawyer expert allows us to keep our fees affordable for you while allow you to get the outcome you deserve.

Yes. We will work with whoever is responsible and has knowledge of the property and the status of rent payments so that we can secure possession in favor of the owner.

We offer eviction notices statewide and complete evictions and writ of possessions in 5 counties in the Greater Houston Area.

We do not lease properties, manage properties, repair properties, or try to compete in any other markets.

We do this every day. We do this all day. We do nothing else. Your property manager handles leasing, rent collection, repairs, and many other aspects of managing your property.

Professionals who handle evictions exclusively are more experienced than someone who does not. This means a lower margin for error and the potential to get your property back faster and at a lower cost.

Let your property manager manage the property, but let the eviction experts handle your evictions.

An eviction in Texas can be confusing and hard to navigate for the landlord, especially without prior experience. Often times the process can end up costing you more time and more money because of procedural mistakes that can easily be made.

We have evicted more tenants than almost any eviction service in Texas and you can have confidence that we will be successful in getting your property back as quickly as possible!

Why miss work to sit in a dingy courthouse, dealing with an unreasonable tenant, and navigating confusing procedures when you can hire us at an affordable price?

Let our knowledgeable and experienced team save you from the hassle. We'll get the job done right and fast.

You could hire an attorney, but attorneys are expensive. Why pay the extra cost?

We know the justice courts and their procedures backwards and forwards. It's the only court we represent clients in and we do it a lot. Most attorneys represent clients in other courts over different controversies because it pays better.

We're not more qualified than attorneys, but we have a whole lot more experience when it comes to evicting a tenant in Texas compared to almost any attorney in the state.