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Eviction Service Provider Expands Services to Dallas-Forth Worth Metropolitan Area

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Houston, TX (June 2017) -- Texas Eviction, the leading eviction service provider in Texas, is now offering full eviction services in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan area. 

The Houston-based full-service eviction service provider is officially expanding to serve landlords and property managers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, specifically for properties in the counties of Collin, Dallas, Denton, and Tarrant.

The locally-owned eviction service provider, Texas Eviction, manages the entire eviction process for landlords, private property managers, and commercial property managers from start to finish. The eviction company utilizes its experienced and knowledgable eviction experts to facilitate eviction notice delivery, eviction filing, JP court representation, Writ of Possession filing and other eviction related services.

“Many of our clients have properties in both Houston and Dallas so it was a natural move for us to expand our service area to Dallas and Fort Worth,” explained Felicia Adams, the Director of Operations for Texas Eviction. “Our goal is to continue to expand our services to Texas’ major metropolitan areas to be able to serve more landlords and property managers and help them regain rightful control of their properties with ease,” she continued.

Additionally, Texas Eviction recently launched Eviction Manager, a web-based software that allows property managers to process evictions and see results without ever leaving their office. Property managers can create and manage service orders for Eviction Notices, Eviction Filings & Hearings, Eviction Appeals, Writ of Possession, Release of Judgment, and Abstract of Judgment with just a few clicks and with full professional support from local eviction specialists who are well-versed in the eviction laws and processes in Texas courts. The online software makes the eviction process even more seamless, efficient, and easier to navigate for Texas Eviction's clients. Property managers in Houston and Dallas can create a free Eviction Manager account by visiting

About Texas Eviction

Texas Eviction specializes in managing the eviction process for landlords and property managers in strict adherence to the Texas Property Code to ensure quality service and a successful resolution. Services include sending eviction notices statewide, as well as managing complete eviction and writ of possession cases and procedures in Greater Houston as well as in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan areas. The company is also the creator of Eviction Manager, a full-service web-based eviction software for property managers.

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