What is an abstract of Judgment?


An abstract tells the world a tenant is not credit worthy. An Abstract of Judgement is a written summary naming the amount evicted tenants owe, court costs that need to be paid, interest what is owed, as well as other orders resulting from the lawsuit. As soon as the abstract is officially stamped, it is registered and filed with a clerk and is placed in county records.

Securing an abstract of judgement after evicting your tenant affects their credit scores and will almost automatically reflect a significant drop for them. This will make them appear less creditworthy in the eyes of the credit bureaus, protecting other landlords or businesses from their potential to cause the same hassle and harm they have caused you.

An abstract of judgment also creates a lien against any real property located in the county the abstract was in. For example, if you file an abstract of judgment in Harris County, it does not create a lien for property owned by the debtor in Fort Bend County.

If you’re looking to file an Abstract of Judgement against your tenant correctly, our experienced eviction experts may be able to help. Call us today for more information.


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