What happens if my tenant appeals an eviction in Texas?


Tenants have an absolute right to appeal if they lose an eviction case at the Justice of the Peace court. Even worse and truly frustrating for Texas landlords and property managers, they can file an appeal whether they have a good basis or not.

Eviction appeals occur in the County Courts of Law. This entails that the mere filing of an appeal renders the original Justice Court judgment useless and unenforceable. As a landlord or property manager, this means you’ll have to start from scratch. This means the County Courts of Law hear the entire case again as if the original Justice Court trial never occurred. For this reason, "appeal" is somewhat of a confusing name; it is more like a do-over where the landlord's actions are put under the microscope to ensure that the tenant was not “wronged."

Fighting a problem tenant’s eviction appeal is not only frustrating but an absolute inconvenience to any landlord or property manager. If your tenant files for an eviction appeal, it’s best to let eviction experts handle it. Texas Evictions not only knows the complicated ins and outs of eviction appeals in Texas, but we do it right and we do it fast to save you the hassle. Get your problem tenant out of your property in no time. Call us today.


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