Can I lock my tenant out in Texas?


You can, however it is a bad idea to do so. Texas law permits locking out a residential tenant only if they are behind on rent. Furthermore, even if the tenant does not catch up on rent, the landlord must give them a new key to the location within 24 hours.

That said, locking a tenant out does not do much to help you deal with a problem tenant and is fraught with risks. Landlords that lock residential tenants out can be liable for "wrongful eviction," and may be forced to pay mental anguish damages to the tenant along with attorney's fees and court costs.

If you’re at your wits end dealing with a tenant, don’t attempt to lock them out even if it’s for non-payment. Instead, call Texas Eviction today to get started on a hassle-free eviction and get rid of your problem tenant in no time.


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