Can I hand deliver an eviction notice to my tenant in Texas?


Hand delivery is permissible under Texas law, but it is probably the worst method of service. One reason is that hand delivery of a notice to vacate is proper only if it is given to the right person—if you give the notice to vacate to one of the tenant's friends who happens to be at the residence, this will render your attempt invalid. Hand delivering a notice also lends itself to a "he said, she said" situation. Who is a judge to believe: you or the tenant with his two minor children in the courtroom?

This is why Texas Evictions does not hand deliver notices to vacate. Not only do we make sure the content of the notice follows Texas law to a tee to protect your interests, we also ensure that it is delivered appropriately. Since an eviction notice is the primary step to an eviction, it is vital to get it right to avoid unwanted consequences later on, especially if the situation leads to a full-blown eviction suit.

Protect your interests and your property. Let Texas Evictions deliver a notice to vacate to your problem tenant. Click here to begin.


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