Filing An Eviction Suit In Texas

How to File an Eviction Notice in Texas

To lawfully remove a tenant from your property in Texas, you must first file an Eviction Suit in your local Justice of the Peace Court.

Eviction suits, also known are forcible entry and detainer suits, grants you the power legally remove unwanted tenants from your property. In Texas, landlords cannot lawfully remove a tenant from their properties without due permission from the court.

When To File An Eviction Suit In Texas

In Texas, you can evict a tenant for actions that constitute a breach of contract. This includes nonpayment of rent, late fees, returned check fees, money owed on the property or agreed upon utilities provided by the landlord, or damages to your property. Another reason to file an eviction suit in Texas is when a tenant attempts to claim the property. In order to file an eviction suit, you must have previously created and delivered an eviction notice to the tenant you wish to evict. The notice should state the reasons you are evicting your tenant.

What Should Be A Texas Eviction Notice

If you are filing a Texas eviction notice, it should only contain the reasons for eviction. Eviction cases may only be combined with certain other claims and may seek monetary damages only within the court's jurisdiction. Put simply, if you combine your eviction case with the wrong kind or amount of claims, your case may be dismissed and you may have to refile with the proper court.

File Your Eviction Suit

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