Texas Eviction Notice

Texas Eviction Notice

In line with Texas law, evictions must start with the landlord delivering an eviction notice to the tenant they wish to evict. A rental eviction notice, also known as a notice to vacate, is a written notice from the landlord given to the tenant to demand possession of the property from the tenant. Failing to give your tenant an eviction notice at the right time of the eviction process can cause a landlord to lose an eviction case.

When To Write A Rental Eviction Notice

In Texas, an eviction notice is typically given to the tenant when his/her lease is about to end, however, this is also the legal first step when it comes to evicting a tenant. A landlord can use the notice for a tenant's failure to pay rent or if the tenant has violated the terms of the lease or rental agreement. An eviction notice can also be used in instances wherein the rental agreement has expired but the tenant has not left the property. If a landlord has rented a property on a month-to-month basis and would like to end the tenant's lease, the notice is also a necessary step to terminate it.

How To Write An Eviction Notice In Texas

An eviction notice must always include a few important details such as the property the landlord is referring to and the tenant the notice is addressed to. More importantly, it must answer why the landlord is pursuing an eviction and must state a breach of the contract. It must also contain a grace period for the tenant in accordance with Texas law.

Delivering An Eviction Notice In Texas

An extremely important issue is how the rental eviction notice is delivered. Landlords that attempt to do this themselves often send the letter incorrectly, which causes the landlord to lose the eviction case. If the landlord loses the eviction case, he/she will have to begin the entire eviction process again before the tenant is kicked out of the property in question. This causes a lot of frustration, wasted time, and more money down the drain.

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